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10 moments only a bibliophile will understand

Well, reading is dreaming with open eyes. Needless to say, books are always a safe bet as a gift for nearly anyone when you’re stumped, but they’re a jump-for-joy-inducing gesture for the voracious reader you know.

Ten moments only a bibliophile will understand!!!

#1 Your idea of an outdoor activity is taking your book outside to read.
#2 When you figure out a plot twist before it happens and you feel like Sherlock Holmes
#3 When someone says they would like to read a book but they don’t know which one and you are like…FOLLOW ME..!!
#4 When you see the movie version of a book and you are like… That’s not how it was in the book!!
#5 When you’re reading a book and you get to the part where the title starts to make sense.
#6 When you see someone reading your favourite book and you’re like…YOU. YES, YOU. I LIKE YOU.
#7 Happiness is knowing what happens in a book someone’s reading.
#8 When you hear someone saying they’re going to the bookstore and you are like I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming
#9 This weekend is gonna be Lit….erary.
#10 That smell when you bought a new book and open it for the first time.

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Keep reading! Keep enjoying!

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