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Hopelessly Romantic Quotes

Three words. Eight letters. Say it and I’m YOURS. *Blush*

Love kills logic. You might laugh at the thought of it happening but happen it will, my friend. Ask the hopeless romantics and the daydreamers. Time for serious swooning. *Eye roll*

I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”-John Green, The fault in our stars

What an amazing line!!!! (I just can’t get over it)

QUOTES WE FIND UTTERLY ROMANTIC AND HOPE YOU WILL. *You-give-me-butterflies feeling*

-Follow  Nitin Gupta


“Slowly and subtly, in some corner of this big round world, two strangers were falling in love and gravitation was not responsible for this.” (With due respect to Sir Issac Newton) -Nitin Gupta, Gravity


 “They were all battleships.   But you.. YOU are my submarine.” *Sigh* -Nitin Gupta, Immersed


“For the first time, in my lifetime, I have loved something so intensely, so much so that it still makes me wonder how I managed to live without you until now.  May be, all these years I just existed. May be, now it’s time to live.” -Nitin Gupta, Immersed


 “Why did you build a home in my heart when you had no intention to stay?” -Nitin Gupta, Abandoned


 “I don’t know if it’s too early to feel the way I am feeling right at this moment, but the way I am feeling right now is the way I have never felt before.  The way I love you, the way I want to be a part of you, it’s different.  Only if I could show you what’s inside of me, you would see a world you have never seen before, a place you have never been before.” -Nitin Gupta, Dear Love


 “You’re the PAIN.    You’re the CURE.” -Nitin Gupta (Does it need a description)


 “There is something fiercely intense about this word ADDICTION. That’s what I like about this word – the way it makes you long for something, the way it defeats your conviction and makes you go back to him despite knowing this over-indulgence can intoxicate. ‘Do you still want him?’ I ask. This madness. Yes, I want some more. Yes, I want it now.’ She gasped.” -Nitin Gupta, Dear Love


 “There is no in-between for me. When I loved you, there wasn’t anything in this world I loved more and now when I hate you, there isn’t anything in this world I hate more. You turned out to be everything you promised you wouldn’t. You turned out to be the BRUTUS of my life.” -Nitin Gupta, Et tu, Brute? #Reference_William Shakespeare_Julius Caesar


 ” ‘What if I do?’ His warm breaths puffed against her lips as he stared her dead in the eye.    ‘Kiss me now.’ She stared back at him.” -Nitin Gupta, Perfect Complements


 “I have no words to describe this feeling. I can only say if you see a fire somewhere, it’s my heart burning in flames tonight.” -Nitin Gupta, Flames



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