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Do you understand the law of attraction in action? Does the word “persuasion” strike you when you first read this blog title? Getting what you want sounds like a daunting task because we associate it with luck or special skills, and while those things can very well contribute to our success, it’s definitely not the be-all end-all. Was it luck? Was I born rich? Neither. So today I’m sharing what’s worked for me.

VISUALISEIf you can visualise it, you can actualise it

The art of getting what you want begins with the question ‘What do you want?’ It starts with a question to self, an introspection that charts out our inner desires or maybe, even apprehensions, which we wish to turn into a reality. Chart your goals by category; from health and fitness to finance and social media goals, you need to chart every goal you wish to achieve into a vision board.


STARTOne day or day one? You decide

Choose photos to represent each goal that you can look at everyday on your vision board and be constantly reminded of what you’re truly striving for. It may be anything – be it a trip to a foreign land or buying your dream car to having a home office or starting your own business. In fact, you may add a couple photos of some of your biggest role models to keep you inspired as well (At least I did that and it worked for me pretty well!) Print your photos and DIY your vision board (this is the fun part) so that you can hang it up somewhere where you will see it everything single day. Having a visual representation constantly in view will remind you always what you’re working towards and keep you motivated. Find a way to start somewhere. Don’t be afraid of goofing up! Believe me, when you start doing what you feel you are destined to do, you have already achieved 50 percent of the task. Instead of procrastinating, let the day be today! Let today be the day you start what you desire, the most efficient and resourceful you have ever been. Let the stepping stone to success be laid from today.

ASK FOR IT (Can you hear the word NETWORKING? I sure can!)Your network is your net worth

It sounds easy enough, but you’d be surprised by how many people, women especially, don’t ask for what they want. So go ahead and ask for it. They say it’s not what you know but WHO you know and that remains to be 100% accurate. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you work, if you don’t have the network or good relationships, your shot at success will be significantly more difficult. If you’re a talented musician working hard in your room constantly writing songs and producing amazing music but you don’t network at events or engage on social media, don’t be surprised when you’re releasing your next track to the sound of crickets. Maybe you really want to move up the ladder at your corporate job but you don’t get along with your co-workers and your boss doesn’t really know you that well. Let’s work to change that!



Prioritising networking and maintaining strong relationships is absolutely essential to achieving most good things and it has probably been the leading factor to my personal success so far. If you can, make it a point to check out a networking event at least once a month to build a few new connections. Challenge yourself to compliment every single person you interact with in a day. Surprise a co-worker or acquaintance with an extra coffee and croissant you picked up. Cold email and reach out to LinkedIn connects or brands you’re interested in partnering with or speaking to. Whatever you gotta do, put people first, make the value you offer known, and show that you care.

PICK YOURSELF UPNever confuse a single defeat with a final defeat

Pick yourself up and go on with the show. It’s statistically proven that you’ll have more setbacks than successes in life, but when you pick yourself up, your successes will make it all worth it. You won’t get what you want if you give up the first time you fall down.

In due course of the process, a lot of obstacles and roadblocks are bound to occur. It is necessary to recognise these fallacies and work towards eliminating them. I definitely might have sugar cravings in my process of achieving my perfect summer-shred body, and the most tactful way to work towards the fallacy would be to replace sugar with jaggery. This substitution, in the process of recognising my fallacies, puts me one step closer to my desired goal.

SACRIFICEIf you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want will be the sacrifice

It’s more than obvious that to get that dream body, eating what you want all the time isn’t going to cut it. The same principle goes for everything else you want. To get that promotion, you’ll probably have to skip out on Tuesday’s afterwork cocktail. To save enough dollars to take your dream vacation to Greece next summer, your weekly Swiggy and Tomato dinners are going to have to stop. To finally launch that website or blog you’ve been planning for the last few months, you might just have to turn down some party invitations and cancel your Netflix subscription.

If you prioritise what’s really important to you (c’mon, overpriced pad thai or lounging in Gastropubs?) and sacrifice the things that don’t serve your long term goals, the road to your success suddenly becomes a lot clearer from obstructions.

TRY A DIFFERENT APPROACHFire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong men

By definition insanity is when we attempt to do the same thing over again expecting different results. Don’t be insane! If something isn’t working, try a different approach but DON’T GIVE UP.

BE RESOURCEFULAll the resources we need are in the mind

Efficiency and smart investment are your secret weapons. I’ve heard a lot of people say they can’t do something because they don’t have enough money to yet or they’re ‘not ready to’ for whatever silly reason. But if you really want something, then why wait? Let’s figure out a way to get you there no matter what your current life situation is at the moment.

An easy example: you want to start a YouTube channel but you don’t know how to edit video and you don’t have really good camera equipment. Putting your dreams on hold and waiting till you’ve got enough cash for an expensive camera you’ll barely know how to use is actually counter productive to me. Why not start now and ask a friend with the new iphone to help you film some videos. Start putting together a video content calendar and channel plan. Set up your account and create the graphics for your channel banner and branding. Check out some YouTube tutorial videos on how to edit videos with Premier or Final Cut or practice with iMovie. Or if it’s time and not money that’s your issue, considering hiring a freelancer or someone else to edit all your videos for you so you can focus on putting together really awesome content for your brand.

Most importantly, figure out a way to do or get what you want using the smartest investments and lowest costs to you. Back to YouTube, that would be the decision of either investing in high end camera equipment or investing in someone to help you create professional videos instead of spending all the time in doing it yourself. Maybe you’re launching a business or pop-up shop.Whether it’s DIYing decor and installations or sacrificing extra unnecessary expenses to stay profitable, being ultra resourceful is key when it comes to success.

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