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Give your book a chance to become the best it can be. Choose from the widest range of professional book publishing and marketing services.

Go APE: AUTHOR a great book, PUBLISH it quickly and ENTREPRENEUR your way to success.

If you’ve written something you think people must read, you’re at the right place!

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Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Logolepsy Publishers accepts unsolicited work in the following areas: fiction, general non-fiction, textbooks, biographies and memoirs, current affairs, philosophy, poetry, travel and self-help.

You may send a soft copy of your manuscript for evaluation to the Editorial Team at - 

C/o Editorial Department
Logolepsy Books

P-1, Hide Lane, Johar Building, Suite - 6E, Kolkata - 700 073

e-mail us at: /

Please allow at least four weeks for your manuscript to be considered for publication. It is important you retain a copy of the proposal you send. Logolepsy Books will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the unsolicited material. Manuscripts will not be returned by the publishing house irrespective of the outcome of the review process. If you haven't heard from us within four weeks, please feel free to send us a reminder. Please refer to FAQs below for submission guidelines and other details.

[If you wish to opt for self-publishing and acquire greater control on the publishing process, write to us at and our publishing consultant will get in touch with you to discuss the project further. Our best editorial, design and marketing team would be happy to serve you.]

Publishing Packages


INR 19,990


INR 29,990


INR 59,990


INR 89,990


What should my
proposal contain?

Should I send the complete manuscript?

What should be the format of the manuscript?

  • A TWO - page synopsis of the book

  • Three sample chapters

  • For short stories and poems, please send five sample chapters and/or poems

What factors determine the cost of book publishing in India?
  • A lot of factors like print quality, paper quality, editing services, marketing services, printing services, and distribution services determine the cost of book publishing in India

  • The potential of a book is evaluated initially on the basis of the proposal as requested above. You need not require to send in your complete Manuscript unless asked for by the editors.

Can I add additional services to the package selected?

  • Yes, you can take additional services if the service is not within the scope of the package you selected and for which, you will be charged separately.

  • We accept soft copies in the formats .doc and .pdf

  • We accept hard copies typed on plain white paper, in Font Size not exceeding 14, using only one side of the page.

Why should I go for
self - publishing?

  • In self-publishing, you have complete control of the book and its rights, high quality of services on offer from professional firms, and high royalty payments.

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