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2016 Reading Challenge

  1. A book you started but never finished.

  2. A popular author’s first book.

  3. A book with more than 600 pages.

  4. A trilogy.

  5. A play.

  6. A banned book.

  7. A book of short-stories.

  8. A book of poetry.

  9. A book turned into a movie.

  10. A dystopian novel.

  11. An autobiography.

  12. A book written by a comedian.

  13. A memoir.

  14. A classic you never made time for.

  15. A sci-fi.

  16. A graphic novel.

  17. A non-fiction.

  18. A book with a protagonist who has your occupation.

  19. A NY Bestseller.

  20. A book about an unknown journey or trip.

  21. A romance set in the future.

  22. A book on self-help.

  23. A book with the story of a courageous woman.

  24. A book grounded in myth, legend and religion.

  25. A book originally written in a different language.

We will help you read a variety of books this year.


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